International Photograph Exhibitions

International Photograph Exhibitions, held in National Park Fruska Gora, Serbia and Montenegro as part of celebration of European Day of Parks on 24th May
- II “Through the spider’s web” 2006 in association with Europark Federation organising photography exhibition on the subject of spiders of the world. [3 photos] Presented on the website: ( (Exhibition photograph of Dorceus quadrispilotus Simon, 1908 of Family Eresidae, Male, North of Egypt)

- III “Butterflies and moths of the world” 2007 (Photograph of Colotis phisadia phisadia Godart, 1819 of Family Pieridae, in Abu Dhabi) (

- V “Amphibians and Reptiles” 2009 (Photograph of Uromastyx ocellatus ornatus Arnold, 1986 Male from Wadi Kid, southern Sinai, Egypt. 1995) (

- VI “Beetles and Weevils” 2010 (Photograph of Prionotheca coronata Oliver, 1795 Egypt) (

- VIII “Fungi Kingdom” 2012 (Photograph of unknown species of mushroom in Wady El-Raiyan, Egypt, 1990) (

- IX “Mammals” 2013 (3 photographs, Sudan and Jordan)


- X “Protected Planet” 2014 (3 photographs, Abu Galoum  & Nabq protected areas, South Sinai, Egypt)



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