C.V. of Hisham K. El-Hennawy

C.V. of Hisham K. El-Hennawy

Name : Hisham Kamal El-Din Mohamed El-Hennawy
Date of Birth : 19th December 1955
Place of Birth : El-Mansourah, El-Dakahlia, Egypt
Nationality : Egyptian
Marital Status : Married
Home Address : Iskan El-Shorta, Gesr El-Suez St., Bldg. 9 (34), Ain Shams, Cairo, Egypt.
Postal Address : 41, El-Manteqa El-Rabia St., Heliopolis 11341, Cairo, Egypt.
Phone : Home : (202) 24159998
Last Occupation : Colonel, Director of Department of Documents' Examination, Criminal Investigation Authority, Ministry of Interior, Cairo, Egypt. 1978 - 2000 [Retired in August 2000]
- Independent expert of questioned documents (since August 2000) and lecturer in this field

Qualifications :
1. B.Sc. (Zoology-Chemistry) 1976, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
2. Diploma (Police sciences) 1978, Police Academy, Cairo, Egypt.
3. Diploma (Medical Entomology) 1986, Benha branch, El-Zagazig University, Benha, Egypt.

Studies :
A. Criminology : 1. Investigation of criminal evidences, 1979
2. Instrumental analyses, 1980
3. Forgery and counterfeit examinations, 1980
4. Drugs of abuse and toxicology examinations and analyses, 1983
5. Methods for identification and analysis of drugs of abuse, 1983 (A fellowship) United Nations Division of Narcotic drugs, Narcotics Laboratory Section, Vienna, Austria.
6. Photography in criminal investigation field, 1984
7. Forgery and counterfeit examinations, Advanced studies, 1985
B. Computer sciences :
1. Principles of computer sciences, 1978
2. COBOL programming, in the field of civil documents and national number system, 1986 (In addition to training in the National Scientific Computing Centre)
3. COBOL programming and documents systems, 1987
4. Advanced COBOL programming and database models, 1988
5. Advanced COBOL programming and applications, 1988*
6. Security of information, 1988*
7. Data protection, 1988* (* In Sadat Academy)

Experience :
Teaching activities :
Lecturer in forgery and counterfeit examinations, since 1985, in :
1. Criminal Evidences Investigation Institute
2. Ministry of Interior (different authorities)
3. African Studies Centre, Police Academy
4. Misr Consultants for Agencies and Services (MICONSULT)
5. Central Bank of Egypt
6. National Bank of Egypt
7. Development National Bank
8. Banks' Association of Egypt
9. Banque Misr
10. Development and Confidence Agricultural Bank
11. Diploma of Forensic Chemical Analysis, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University
12. National Centre for Social and Criminal Research
13. Banking Institute, Central Bank of Egypt
14. Security & Legal Expertise House
15. Oman Housing Bank *
16. International Engineering and Management Consultants (TEAM)
17. Abu Dhabi Police (In cooperation with Dubai Sail) *
18. The Pioneers for Administrative Training (Dubai) *
19. Investigation and Criminal Evidence  Institute (General Security)
20. Training and Consulting International Company
21. Industrial Security Center
22. Arab Federation of Forgery and Counterfeit Control (Amman, Jordan) *
23. Central Bank of Sudan (In cooperation with Institute of Directors - Khartoum) (Khartoum, Sudan) *
24. Central Bank of Sudan (In cooperation with Al-Khebra Training Institute - Cairo)
(* abroad)

Seminars and Committees :
1. Seminar on Facing the Introduction of Forged Foreign Banknotes into Egypt, Police Academy, Cairo, December 1991
2. Arabian Seminar of Security of Official Documents, National Centre for Social and Criminal Research, Cairo, October 1992
3. Participation in several committees of securing the documents of : Passports Authority, Civil Affairs Authority, Traffic Authority, Airports and Harbours Authority, etc.

Missions Abroad :
1. Iraq. Special mission for detecting forgery in Egyptian passports, February 1986
2. Cyprus (Turkish part). Expert witness (Forgery) in one of El-Raiyan cases, March 1989
3. Saudi Arabia. In Egyptian pilgrimage services mission, March-April 1999
In addition to the experience of examination of forged and counterfeited documents and banknotes in thousands of cases, in both Cairo Airport (Forgery detecting unit) 1980-1984 and Criminal Investigation Laboratory 1980 & 1984-2000 [Head of the Section, thereafter of the Department in 1997].
Note. Studies and activities in the field of Zoology, Arachnology (study of spiders, scorpions, etc.) are separated from the C.V. and included in the following pages.

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