Publications (Papers)

Publications :
A. Papers
001-1985 Preliminary notes on the biology, distribution, and predatory behaviour  of  Pseudopompilus humboldti (Dhlb.) (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae). [Abridged] Proc.Egypt's National Conf.Ent., Cairo 1982, vol.1: 33-48. pdf
002-1986 On the relation between Stegodyphus dufouri (Audouin) 1827 (Araneae: Eresidae) and Pseudopompilus humboldti (Dahlbom) 1845 (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae). Proc.IX Int.Congr.Arachnol., Panama 1983, pp.91-93. pdf
003-1987a Preliminary notes on the biology, distribution, and predatory behaviour  of  Pseudopompilus humboldti (Dhlb.) (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae). Serket, 1(1): 1-11. pdf
004-1987b A list of Egyptian spider genera. Serket, 1(1): 12-14.
005-1987c A simplified key to Egyptian scorpion species (Arachnida : Scorpionida). Serket, 1(1): 15-17. pdf
006-1987d Stegodyphus lineatus (Latreille) 1817 (Araneida : Eresidae) in Jordan. Serket, 1(1): 18.
007-1987e New records of Stegodyphus dufouri (Audouin) 1825 (Araneida : Eresidae) from Egypt. Serket, 1(1): 19.
008-1988a Scorpions of Jordan. Serket, 1(2): 13-20.
009-1988b A new record of Compsobuthus werneri (Birula) 1908 (Scorpionida : Buthidae) from Egypt. Serket, 1(2): 21.
010-1988c Key to Pseudoscorpionid Families (Arachnida : Pseudoscorpionida). Serket, 1(3): 1-8.
011-1988d Pseudoscorpions of Egypt, Key and List of Species (Arachnida : Pseudoscorpionida). Serket, 1(3): 9-18.
012-1988e Scorpions of Jordan, Additional Note. Serket, 1(3): 19.
013-1988f Hysterochelifer tuberculatus (Lucas, 1846) (Pseudoscorpionida: Cheliferidae) in Jordan. Serket, 1(3): 20.
014-1988g Hasarius adansonii (Audouin, 1825) (Araneida : Salticidae) in Egypt. Serket, 1(3): 21.
015-1990a Annotated checklist of Egyptian spider species (Arachnida : Araneae). Serket, 1(4-5): 1-49. pdf
016-1990b Arachnida in the diet of Acanthodactylus scutellatus (Audouin, 1825) (Reptilia : Lacertidae). Serket, 2(1): 1-8.
017-1990c Key to Scorpion Families (Arachnida : Scorpionida). Serket, 2(1): 14-19.
018-1990d Key to Solpugid Families (Arachnida : Solpugida). Serket, 2(1): 20-27.
019-1990e Bibliography of Pseudoscorpionid papers (1980-1989). Serket, 2(2): 28-61.
020-1991a Arachnida of Wadi El-Raiyan (Egypt). Serket, 2(3): 81-90.
021-1991b New Locality Records of Thomisidae in Egypt (Arachnida : Araneida). Serket, 2(3): 91-92.
022-1991c Stegodyphus pacificus Pocock, 1900 (Araneida : Eresidae). A New Record from Jordan. Serket, 2(3): 93-94. pdf
023-1992a A catalogue of the scorpions described from the Arab countries (1758-1990) (Arachnida : Scorpionida). Serket, 2(4): 95-153. pdf
024-1992b Distribution of Spider Genera in Egypt (Arachnida : Araneida). Serket, 3(1): 1-32.
025-1994a A Proposal for Spiders Encyclopedia. Arachnologia, 11: 7-8. pdf
026-1994b Index Aranearum. Part 1. (Liphistiidae, Atypidae, Antrodiaetidae, Cyrtaucheniidae, Idiopidae). Serket, 4(1): 1-32.
027-1994c Index Aranearum. Part 2. (Ctenizidae, Actinopodidae, Migidae, Mecicobothriidae, Microstigmatidae, Hexathelidae, Dipluridae). Serket, 4(2): 33-62.
028-1995 Index Aranearum. Part 3. (Nemesiidae, Barychelidae). Serket, 4(3): 63-91.
029-1996a Index Aranearum. Part 4. (Theraphosidae, Paratropididae). Serket, 4(4): 92-142.
030-1996b A spider (Lycosa ? sp.) (Araneida: Lycosidae) providing a shelter for its predator Paracyphononyx ruficrus (Klug, 1834) (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae). Revue suisse de Zoologie, vol.hors série I: 185-188. pdf
031-1997a Notes on Pseudopompilus humboldti (Dahlbom, 1845) [Hymenoptera : Pompilidae] and Stegodyphus lineatus (Latreille, 1817) [Araneida : Eresidae]. Serket, 5(2): 32-39. pdf
032-1997b Bibliography of Pseudoscorpionida 1990-1995. Serket, 5(2): 40-59.
033-1997c Index Aranearum. Part 5. (Hypochilidae, Austrochilidae, Gradungulidae, Filistatidae, Sicariidae, Scytodidae, Drymusidae, Leptonetidae). Serket, 5(3): 60-89.
034-1997d The Genera of Spiders. Serket, 5(4): 90-130. pdf
035-1998a Hussein, A.M., El-Hennawy, H.K. & Sayed, A.A. Biodiversity of spiders (Araneae) in the western desert of Egypt in relation to agriculture and land reclamation. Bull.Fac.Agric., Cairo Univ., 49 (1998): 597-609. pdf
036-1998b Redescription of the male of Dorceus quadrispilotus Simon, 1908 from Egypt (Araneae: Eresidae). Proceedings of the 17th European Colloquium of Arachnology, Edinburgh 1997: 97-100. pdf
037-1998c Arachnida of Egypt I. Order Solpugida. Serket, 6(1): 1-37. pdf
038-1999a Catalogue and Bibliography of Family Hersiliidae 1825-1998 (Arachnida: Araneida). Serket, 6(2): 45-72. pdf
039-1999b Ghabbour, S.I., Hussein, A.M. & El-Hennawy, H.K. Spider populations associated with different crops in Menoufiya Governorate, Nile Delta, Egypt. Egypt.J.Agric.Res., 77(3): 1163-1179. pdf
040-1999c Sun-spiders of the Arab countries (Arachnida : Solpugida). Serket, 6(3): 73-104. pdf
041-2000a The first landmark in the route of Egyptian Arachnology : "Explication Sommaire des Planches d'Arachnides de l'Égypte et de la Syrie" (1825). Serket, 6(4): 115-128. pdf
042-2000b Catalogue and Bibliography of Family Oecobiidae 1809-1995 (Arachnida: Araneida). Serket, 7(1): 8-37. pdf
043-2001a Photography of Arachnids, A simple technique. Serket, 7(3): 106-107. pdf
044-2001b Catalogue and Bibliography of Genus Cheiracanthium C. L. Koch, 1839 (Arachnida: Araneida: Miturgidae). Serket, 7(4): 114-155. pdf
045-2002a Spiders of Sinai (Egypt), a list of species (Arachnida: Araneida). Serket, 8(1): 29-34. pdf
046-2002b Hussein, A.M., El Nenaey, H.M., El-Hennawy, H.K. & El Khateeb, H.M. Effect of the mineral oil: CAPL 1 on the spiders (Araneae) and other soil fauna in Tomatoe plantations, Nile Delta, Egypt. Minufiya.J.Agric.Res., 27: 4(1): 899-909. pdf
047-2002c Revision of the North African spider genus Dorceus C.L.Koch, 1846 (Araneida: Eresidae). Serket, 8(2): 57-72. pdf
048-2002d A list of Egyptian spiders (revised in 2002). Serket, 8(2): 73-83. pdf
049-2002e A seven-legged araneid spider from Egypt (Araneida: Araneidae). Serket, 8(2): 84-85. pdf
050-2002f The first record of Amblypygi from Egypt. J.Arachnol., 30: 452-453. pdf
051-2002g Hussein, A.M., El Nenaey, H.M., El Khateeb, H.M. & El-Hennawy, H.K. Rural dwellings as protecting refuges to spider biodiversity in Nile Delta agroecosystems. J.Agric.Sci.Mansoura Univ., 27(11): 7729-7736. pdf
052-2003a El-Hennawy, H.K. & Mohafez, M.A. Life history of Stegodyphus dufouri (Audouin, 1825) (Arachnida: Araneida: Eresidae) in Egypt, A step on the way from asocial to social. Serket, 8(3): 113-124. pdf
053-2003b Sallam, G.M. & El-Hennawy, H.K. Biological aspects of Nurscia albomaculata (Lucas, 1846) (Arachnida: Araneida: Titanoecidae) in Egypt. Serket, 8(4): 147-150. pdf
054-2003c Arachnids in three Egyptian coastal protected areas on Aqaba gulf (Red Sea). Serket, 8(4): 151-163. pdf
055-2004a A new species of genus Eresus from Algeria (Araneida : Eresidae). Serket, 9(1): 1-4. pdf
056-2004b Spider studies in Egypt, A review. Serket, 9(1): 10-24. pdf
057-2004c Review of spiders of genus Eresus in Egypt (Araneida : Eresidae). Serket, 9(1): 25-35. pdf
058-2004d Oecobius amboseli Shear & Benoit, 1974, a new record from Egypt (Araneida : Oecobiidae). Serket, 9(2): 68-71. pdf
059-2005a Arachnids in Mediterranean protected areas of Egypt. Serket, 9(3): 73-84. pdf
060-2005b A new species of genus Eresus from Algeria and Tunisia (Araneida : Eresidae). Serket, 9(3): 87-90. pdf
061-2005c Zaher, M.A., El-Hennawy, H.K., Hassan, M.F., Hussein, A.M. & Ahmad, N.F.R. Survey and populations of spiders and other arthropods in cucurbit and legume fields in Al-Kanater (Egypt). Serket, 9(3): 91-100. pdf
062-2005d Redescription of Pardosa iniqua (O.P.-Cambridge, 1876) (Araneida : Lycosidae) from Egypt. Serket, 9(4): 141-144. pdf
063-2006a White widow, Latrodectus pallidus (Araneida: Theridiidae), in Jordan and Egypt. Serket, 10(1): 29-34. pdf
064-2006b A list of Egyptian spiders (revised in 2006). Serket, 10(2): 65-76. pdf
065-2007a A seven-legged pholcid spider from Egypt (Araneida: Pholcidae). Serket, 10(3): 106-107. pdf
066-2007b Huber, B.A. & El-Hennawy, H.K. On Old World ninetine spiders (Araneae: Pholcidae), with a new genus and species and the first record for Madagascar. Zootaxa, 1635: 45–53. pdf
067-2007c Sun-spiders of Turkey (Arachnida: Solpugida), list of species and key to genera. Serket, 10(4): 130-134. pdf
068-2007d Dangerous scorpions and spiders can be beneficial to environmental tourism. Egypt MAB Bulletin, 2007(1-2): 177-184. (pp.33-39 in Arabic) pdf
069-2008a Arachnids of Elba protected area in the southern part of the eastern desert of Egypt. Revista Ibérica de Aracnología, 15: 115-121. pdf
070-2008b Review of the Oonopidae of Egypt (Arachnida: Araneae). Serket, 11(1): 23-36. pdf
071-2008c Cheiracanthium canariense Wunderlich, 1987 in Turkey (Araneae: Miturgidae). Turk. J. Arach., 1(1): 49-53. pdf
072-2008d Seyyar, O., El-Hennawy, H.K., Demir, H. & Türkeş, T. The first record of genus Pax (Araneae: Zodariidae) in Turkey. Serket, 11(2): 51-54. pdf
073-2008e Sun-spiders of Sudan (Arachnida: Solpugida), [Introductory study]. Serket, 11(2): 65-77. pdf
074-2008f Shaban, A., El-Hennawy, H.K., Bedir, M.A., Semida, F.M., Abo-Ghalia, A.H. & Bahgat, I.M. Biodiversity of the ground spiders in southern area of Port Said Governorate, Egypt. Catrina, 2(2): 153-157. pdf
075-2009a Fet, V., El-Hennawy, H., Braunwalder, M.E. & Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L. The first observation on scorpion biogeography by Aristotle. Boletín Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa, 44: 147–150. pdf
076-2009b Arachnida of Ain Gudeirat (Sinai), with notes on family Titanoecidae in Egypt. Serket, 11(3/4): 110-118. pdf
077-2009c Scorpions of Saudi Arabia (List of species, their distribution, and identification key). Serket, 11(3/4): 119-128. pdf
078-2009d Eresidae of Sudan (Araneida: Eresidae). Serket, 11(3/4): 129-137. pdf
079-2010a Hersiliidae of Sudan (Araneida: Hersiliidae). Serket, 12(1): 23-31. pdf
080-2010b Notes on Spiders of Africa - I. Serket, 12(2): 61-75. pdf
081-2011a The scorpion in ancient Egypt. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Ancient Egyptian Science, 24-26 April 2010, Cairo. pp. 73-79 (In Arabic). pdf
082-2011b Scorpions in ancient Egypt. Euscorpius, 119: 1-12. In: Scorpions 2011, John L. Cloudsley-Thompson 90th Birthday Commemorative Volume. [Comment: The Scorpion Files Newsblog 14 August 2011]
083-2011c Notes on Spiders of Africa - II (Madagascar, Seychelles, Aldabra, Comoro Is., Reunion, Mauritius, and Rodriguez). Serket, 12(3): 91-112. pdf
084-2011d Oecobius navus found squashed inside a dictionary! Newsl. Br. arachnol. Soc., 121: 5-6. pdf
085-2011e Oecobius cellariorum found squashed inside the Holy Koran in Jordan. Newsl. Br. arachnol. Soc., 122: 4-5. pdf
086-2011f The first record of Cheiracanthium molle in Saudi Arabia. Serket, 12(4): 113-116. pdf
087-2012a Desouky, M.M.A. & El-Hennawy, H. Molecular Phylogenetic Relationships of Exemplars of Four Spider Families from Ha’il Region, Northern Saudi Arabia and a Preliminary List of Spiders of Ha’il. Egypt. Acad. J. Biolog. Sci., B. Zoology, 4(1): 87-102. pdf
088-2012b Thaler-Knoflach, B. & El-Hennawy, H.K. Theridion incanescens Simon, 1890 and Theridion jordanense Levy & Amitai, 1982 new to the fauna of Egypt (Araneae: Theridiidae).
Serket, 13(1/2): 91-98. pdf
089-2012c El-Hennawy, H.K., Medany, D.M., Orabi, G.M., Semida, F.M. & Abdel-Dayem, M.S. The first record of Halodromus patellidens (Levy, 1977) (Araneae: Philodromidae) in Egypt. Serket, 13(1/2): 182-186. pdf
090-2012d El-Hennawy, H.K. The first record of Mermessus denticulatus (Banks, 1898) (Araneae: Linyphiidae) in Egypt. Serket, 13(1/2): 187-190. pdf
091-2012e El-Hennawy, H.K. Spiders in Africa, in Animal Resources and Diversity in Africa, [Ed. Samir I. Ghabbour], in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), Developed under the Auspices of the UNESCO, Eolss Publishers, Paris, France, [] 33pp. 
092-2013 El-Hennawy, H.K. Preliminary list of Lebanese spiders and other arachnids (except ticks and mites). Serket, 13(3-4): 228-275. pdf
093-2014a El-Hennawy, H.K. Preliminary list of spiders and other arachnids of Saudi Arabia (except ticks and mites). Serket, 14(1): 22-58. pdf
094-2014b El-Hennawy, H.K. Regenerated natural resources and sustainable development in the deserts of Egypt and Arabian Peninsula. 368 pp. Ed. M.A. Zahran. Dar Annashr Laljameaat (Universities publisher) 2014. 10-2- Spiders and scorpions in the deserts of Egypt are wealth and benefit. pp. 135-150 (In Arabic). pdf
095-2014c El-Hennawy, H.K. The first record of Levymanus gershomi in Saudi Arabia (Araneae, Palpimanidae)Serket, 14(2): 97-101. pdf 
096-2015a Siyam, M., Dunlop J.A. & El-Hennawy, H.K. New spider records from the Republic of the Sudan. Arachnology, 16(7): 264–272. pdf
097-2015b El-Hennawy, H.K., Asiry, K.A., Desouky, M. & Al-Khuraiji, I.A. The first record of Mermessus fradeorum (Berland, 1932) (Araneae: Linyphiidae) in Saudi Arabia. Serket, 14(3): 116-121. pdf
098-2015c El-Hennawy, H.K., Mohafez, M.A. & El-Gendy, A.A. The first record of Plexippus clemens (O.P.-Cambridge, 1872) (Araneae: Salticidae) in Egypt. Serket, 14(3): 128-133. pdf
099-2015d El-Hennawy, H.K. The first record of Trachelas minor (O.P.-Cambridge, 1872) (Araneae: Trachelidae) in Egypt. Serket, 14(4): 196-201. pdf 
100-2016a Zamani, A. & El-Hennawy, H.K. Preliminary list of the spiders of Iraq (Arachnida: Araneae). Arachnida - Rivista Aracnologica Italiana, 6: 12-20.
101-2016b Akpınar, A., Varol, M.İ. & El-Hennawy, H.K. New records to the spider fauna of Turkey (Araneae: Eutichuridae, Gnaphosidae). Serket, 15(1): 41-43. pdf
102-2016c El-Hennawy, H.K., Mohafez, M.A., El-Gendy, A.A. & Zaher, I.A.I. The first record of Ostearius melanopygius (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1879) and genus Ostearius Hull, 1911 (Araneae: Linyphiidae) in Egypt. Serket, 15(1): 63-67. pdf
103-2016d El-Hennawy, H.K. A note on Oecobius amboseli Shear & Benoit, 1974 (Araneae: Oecobiidae). Serket, 15(1): 68-70. pdf 
104-2016e El-Hennawy, H.K. A note on Eresus albopictus Simon, 1873 (Araneae: Eresidae). Serket, 15(2): 107-111. pdf
105-2016f El-Hennawy, H.K. Stegodyphus tibialis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1869) in Central India (Araneae: Eresidae), with notes on Indian Stegodyphus species. Indian Journal of Arachnology, 5(1-2): 28-35. pdf
106-2017 El-Hennawy, H.K., Mohafez, M.A. & El-Gendy, A.A. The first record of Phlegra bresnieri (Lucas, 1846) in Egypt (Araneae: Salticidae). Serket, 15(3): 143-146. pdf



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